About us

About us

  • The Union of Bulgarian Film Makers is a non-governmental, a nonprofit and a non-commercial organization with its own contribution to the development of the film art and the audio vision in Bulgaria

  •  The Union of Bulgarian Film Makers is a partner in the process of creation and forming of all concepts, legislations, models and political decisions which correspond to and affect the problems of Bulgarian audiovisual culture

  • The Union represents its structures and members to international organizations - FERA, FIPRESCI, ASIFA, CIFEJ, UNI-MEI/EURO-ME/

  • The Union of Bulgarian Film Makers defends the interests of Bulgarian cinema and Bulgarian audiovisual culture

  • UBFM represents its members to organizations, associations and enterprises which have direct relations to the production, dissemination and exposing of audiovisual production

  • UBFM is developed on the principles of democracy, self-government, collectivity in the management and professional ethics

  • With its activities the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers cooperates for development and protection of Bulgarian cinema; for development of the film theory and film history; for aesthetic education of the cinemagoers; for applying of high art criteria

  • UBFM is registered also as BULGARIAN FILM ACADEMY

    which from 2010 continued the UBFM's cultural tradition established in 1975

    with the Annual awards for achievements in film art for cinema and TV

  • The Union’s supreme body is the General assembly

  • The General assembly defines the main tasks, directions and the program for development of the Union. It accepts, alters and supplements the Union’s statute. The General assembly elects and releases the Union’s managing committee and also the Union’s control committee

  • The Managing committee rules The Union in the period between two meetings of The General assembly

  • The Union of Bulgarian Film Makers is represented by its President, elected directly by The General assembly

  • The Union’s control committee, elected by the General assembly, makes its reports to it.

  •  The members of The Union are organized in Sub-unions/Guilds on professional basis

  • Within The Union of Bulgarian Film Makers there are 10 Sub-unions/Guilds of:

film directors,





film critics,


composers and sound-directors,

film editors

specialists in law, film-management and technical staff